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    Brenda Meether is a classically trained pianist who earned her BA in Music Ed with emphasis in piano performance and music therapy from the University of NE. She grew up in a musically talented family and began playing piano by ear at the age of 6. Brenda has accompanied for students on various juries and recitals, master classes, and vocal coaching. At age 17 she began piano-vocal composing which led to creating her first choral composition performed. Brenda has since written works for piano solo, piano-vocal, and piano-instrumental. The Wind’s Answer, a piano and flute composition, won honorable mention from The National Flute Association’s New Composers Competition and Facing A Dragon critiqued comments of “having passion reminiscent of Beethoven”. Her work “Dream of the Cave Bear” will be part of a compilation for early intermediate piano solo. Upon first arriving in Colorado Brenda briefly mentored with local composer Kevin Asbjornson.

    Teaching Lineage: Classical piano and piano performance with Dr. Helen Walker-Hill, Dr. Brenda Ishikawa, Larry Ryan, & Dr. Patricia Holmberg; jazz piano and chording with Darren Kramer of DKO; music and movement with Dr. Alexandra Pierce and Eve Maison-Pierre. Brenda teaches extensively from the Nadia Boulanger and Dr. Guy Duckworth piano pedagogy.

    Brenda’s friendship’s with Gregory T.S. Walker and Cody Qualls of FACE has brought much personal inspiration. She also performs piano-guitar duets with her guitarist husband.

    Currently Brenda is a member of the following organizations:  Broomfield Music Teachers Association (BMTA), and is a nationally certified teacher through Music Teachers National Association (MTNA).

    “ In teaching I aim to bring out each piano student’s individual musical self.” ~Brenda

    Students of Ms. Brenda who have created music careers:

    “Ms. Brenda, I wanted to write you and to say thank you for teaching me how to play piano and inspiring me to KEEP playing. I’m 17 years old now. I want you to know that I still play piano today. I have even done compositions and am planning on applying to Berklee and the North Carolina School of the Arts majoring in composition and minoring in voice and piano. I hope every one of those kids you teach learns the real beauty of music and lets music be a part of their lives, just like I did”. ~Sallie O.

    Laura Brehm was another talented student of mine who’s now enjoying her work life in music!  Please visit her site:

    Ms. Brenda’s Commissioned Compositions ~

    The Winds’ Answer for piano and flute, won honorable mention for the National Flute Association

    Weddings, birthday & newborn celebrations:
    Wedding Prelude for Geralyn and Frank
    Wedding Ceremony Prelude for David and Sheila
    Birth Celebration: Joshua’s Song

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