Piano Lessons

    Introductory Lesson

    Call now to have a 15 minute phone consult & to set up your free 25 minute Introductory Piano Lesson!

    What is your Learning Commitment?

    For the best learning results a semester commitment is required.

    What days & Times are available?

    Lesson times are M, T, Th,F Noon to 6pm. Wednesdays 3 to 7:30pm.

    What ages do you teach?

    I teach students ages 5-80! Young students ages 5 & 6 will require parent attendance at lessons.

    How much time is required for practice?

    All students need daily practice, the amount of time per day isn’t as important as the habit of playing daily & mastering each weeks assignments.

    How often are lessons scheduled?

    All students can opt for 30, 45, or 60 minute lessons. Lessons are weekly for children ages 5-18.  Adults may commit to weekly or twice monthly lessons.

    How are lessons structured?

    Lessons will have lesson pieces reviewed & started, theory, technique (correct body stance at the piano, healthy hand and arm technique), &  conducting the music to feel the phrase and find the right emotion (dynamics) for your expression work. Young students and some beginners will have more music theory games in the piano lessons.

    Are there recitals or other performance opportunities at Meether Piano Studio?

    You have the option to perform in my teacher’s association’s Marvelous Musicales, holiday recitals, as well as the studio Soiree Nights!  The Soiree Nights are a relaxed atmosphere setting to build ones performance confidence.

    How is tuition paid?

    Tuition may be paid in cash or by check.

    What is the parent’s role?

    Your role as a parent will be one of cheerleader and supporter in making and achieving goals for your child. You will need to read the weekly assignments in your child’s assignment book to make sure they are on task. For most lessons I write in depth tips on practice as well as progress notes. For students participating in recitals your help will be needed in having family “recitals” and practicing fun recital prep drills with them.

    Meether Piano Studio Lesson Policy

    Recital prep/Group Class prep/Materials Fee: $20 per semester

    Tuition: Signing on for one semester with weekly 30 minute piano lessons discounts your per lesson tuition to $30 for a lump sum payment.  Other tuition options include 3 payments per semester (please see me for due dates) or monthly payments, which are due by or before the 1st of each month & will incur a $20 late fee for payments received on the 2nd or after.

    Absence of Lessons: No refunds can be made for absences since studio expenses continue whether or not the student is in attendance and tuition also covers for teacher lesson planning outside the lesson time.  Long term illnesses will be given personal consideration.

    Lessons Cancelled:  Lessons cancelled for teacher illness will be rescheduled or refunded. Snow days will only be rescheduled or you can opt for a Phone Session Lesson (the only circumstance a phone lesson is used).

    Summers: All students are required to attend a minimum of 4 piano lessons during the summer to retain their learning & hold their fall lesson time slot.

    Feel free to contact me at Brenda@MeetherPianoStudio.com or (303) 665-0714 if you have any other questions about my policy!


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