On March 13, 2020 we began piano lessons via FaceTime and Zoom.  This will continue until it is safe to return to the studio office.

    Material:  Student inspiration for learning material is encouraged and used alongside your core lesson book, technique book, and theory workbook.

    Discovery: Each song or piece opens one up to new concepts, articulations, and expression work.

    Solfege: Your musical ear is an important part of learning music, harmony, melody line, reading intervals (the space between notes), knowing scale degrees, and points to learning about chords.  It also makes learning new music easier.

    Rhythm: Students are taught to count, feel the “heart beat” behind the music, conduct, and to play rhythm duets.

    Technique and Warm Ups:  Your technical etudes or pieces refine learning hand coordination, building finger strength and dexterity.  Scale work and transposition is included.

    Identifying Note Movement and Patterns:  We need to understand the melodic line.  Students learn to identify upward, downward, and repeated note patterns to strengthen sight reading skills and memorization.

    Phrasing:  Music is alive with meaning and expression!  Students learn about “musical sentences” and mark them in their score to better express the work.  We must convey the “conversation” or message within the notes.

    Form:  An in-depth look at how music is organized.

    Improvisation:  We start on the black keys and build our improv skills from there.

    Composition:  A great way to solidify all concepts mentioned above, and more.  We hone our personal expression.

    Theory:  The foundation of music.  In lesson theory work and theory games

    Schedule a phone consult or an in-studio visit for a 25 minute try it out lesson.  I welcome adult or child beginner to early advanced. or

    (303) 665-0714

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