"Brenda is a very hands on, focused teacher with great ability to instruct with empathy and humor. Really enjoyable lessons!" Theresa S.
    It's been a great experience working with Meether Piano Studio. Ms. Brenda takes the time to get to know your child and provide personalized piano instruction. She has a fun and interesting way of teaching piano and my son enjoys and looks forward to his lessons. Ms. Brenda fosters the love of music and continues to teach in a way that keeps my son interested and motivated. Theresa B.
    Ms. Brenda, I wanted to write you and to say thank you for teaching me how to play piano and inspiring me to KEEP playing. I'm 17 years old now. I want you to know that I still play piano today. I have even done compositions and am planning on applying to Berklee and the North Carolina School of the Arts majoring in composition and minoring in voice and piano. I hope every one of those kids you teach learns the real beauty of music and lets music be a part of their lives, just like I did. Sallie O.
    It's not easy to try something new when you are in your early 70's, but I am amazed how much I have learned from Brenda in these last few years. I am also impressed with the way she can retain the memories of what I did in past piano lessons so that she can gage my progress. Most of all, she is able to correct without criticizing, so that each of her corrections build rather than tears down my confidence. I am pleased that she is patient with me and with other students I have observed her teach. She has helped me fulfill a longtime dream of learning how to play the piano. Donn R.
    Ms. Brenda is an excellent piano teacher. She is kind and very good at connecting with my teenage son. In addition to great teaching skills she is an accomplished pianist and her students at the recitals range from proficient to beginners. Carol H.
    Ms. Brenda has been teaching my boys for nearly 2 years. She's wonderful, with great patience (my youngest was 7 when he started). She takes time to keep it fun and interesting for them. And I'm amazed at how quickly they've learned. I would definitely recommend Ms. Brenda for anyone wanting their children to learn piano. Shelly K.
    Brenda has many learning tools to get children to learn reading and playing music. Guinn N.
    Ms. Brenda is a wonderful piano teacher, who taught both of my daughters. She is very knowledgeable, plus is very skilled. I would highly recommend her. I also think of her as a friend, especially since I have known her for so many years. Mark G.
    Brenda's ability to add depth to set curriculum has supported the Clavinova Connection Class immensely. Tim O. co-manager at Wells Music for the Clavinova Connection Adult Group Keyboard Class

    “Music is forever; music should grow and mature with you throughout life.”  ~Paul Simon

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